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Here's some essential info

DIRECTIONS to the cottage can be found here.  It is really important that you follow these, particularly for the last leg of the journey as SatNavs can be VERY misleading.   

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE The cottage will be ready at 4pm on your day of arrival.  We ask that you leave by 10am on the day of departure so that we can ensure the cottage is clean and lovely for the next guests who will be arriving later in the day. 

HAMPERS can be ordered to be delivered on your day of arrival.

SUPERMARKET ORDERS You can arrange a supermarket delivery from Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA or Waitrose.  Please book a delivery slot between 10am and 1pm on your day of arrival and I will receive and unpack the order ready for your stay.  Please quote my telephone number (01823 680611) when completing the delivery information note. Also, please let me know if I am to expect a delivery!

ELLISES FARM Donna Lucking farms at Ellises Farm, on the edge of Hemyock (2 miles away) and produces a range of pork products.  She is passionate about her business has appeared on BBC1's Countryfile. Here's a quote from Donna's website explaining what she does:

'We produce mouth watering Gloucester old spot pork, sausages, dry cured bacon and gammon, artisan salamis, chorizo and air dried hams and cured meats from our Gloucester old spot pigs on the Blackdown hills area of outstanding natural beauty here in Devon. Produced and cured in a original old fashioned method. 

What makes our pork taste so good is that our traditional rare breed Gloucester old spot pigs spend all of thier lives outdoors rooting around under the oak trees developing a truly unforgetable flavour and delicous crackling. All our pigs are fed G.M. free feeds, which do not contain growth promoters or unnatural additives and are raised to the highest welfare standards. It is "probably the best pork you've ever tasted".

The meat is hung for a week to ensure the best flavour and then is  butchered here on the farm. Our Gloucester old spot sausages and cured meats are produced without preservatives, nitrates or additives.'

Order online at Ellises Farm and have your delivery dropped at Windover Farm Cottage.

FOREST BEEF Becky and Russ Batchelor farm at Higher Willand, around 6 miles from Windover Farm Cottage.  Here’s a quote from their website:

‘Our Farm nestles on the top of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset.  We are surrounded by woodland both old and new.  Grassy glades sit amongst trees and these habitats are the home to some very special wildlife. The way we rear our animals complements and supports these precious creatures – not least some very rare and endangered butterflies.

Our cattle are English Longhorns.  Recently these too were a rare breed and in need of protecting.  Now they help to protect the environment that the wildlife need to thrive.  They do this by grazing in areas of woodland and thereby keeping brambles and scrub under control.  The way a cow rips the grass she eats makes the perfect nesting sites for butterflies.

Walk in the woods surrounding us and one of our majestic animals will appear out of the trees to greet you!  The meat that is produced by these animals is renowned to be the very best in flavour and texture.  Our mature customers will tell you it ‘tastes like the beef they had when they were young’.

We keep traditional breed pigs like Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot.  These breeds produce pork with the most incredible flavours. The sausages we produce have unique texture and are made from the prime cuts of pork not just the trimmings.

Chicken roam our farm in amongst their own dedicated woodland.  Their eggs are large and usually brown with beautiful yellow yolks. We firmly believe in putting the happiness of our animals first and feel privileged to be able to farm the way we do.’

Your order can be delivered to the cottage ready for your holiday. Visit the website here to explore the options. 






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