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Pet Information

Unfortunately we don't accept any pets (except for guide dogs).

The main reason is that we have hens, geese, ducks, cows and pigs on our smallholding. In the summer months dry cows (pregnant dairy cows) graze our fields. Further we have 3 dogs (2 black Labradors named Dapper and Alice and a Jack Russell called Whistle) and a cat by the name of Lucy.

If you are reluctant to leave your dog at home, why not try Westown Holiday Camp for dogs. Here your dog lives as a family member on this lovely farm situated in the heart of the Culm Valley around 2½ miles from the cottage. No kennels, just acres of green fields, a river that all the dogs love to swim in and lots of wonderful smells! For more information please contact Ben Matthews on 01823 681066.

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