About Us

My husband, Sheamus, and I live next door to Windover Farm Cottage with our 2 sons (Will and Rob), and 3 dogs (Dapper, Alice and Whistle).

I have lived in the area all my life having grown up on a local dairy farm. Sheamus moved to Devon from Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire in 1990. Our children attend the local secondary school and we are very much part of the local community. I love baking (you'll get to taste some of my cakes when you stay here). 

My Great Grandparents farmed at Upottery and retired to Windovers (comprising both the cottages and 17 acres) in the 1920s. They farmed a few cows, a pig and a dozen hens.. After their death (they are buried at Dunkeswell Abbey) the property passed down the family to my grand mother and then her son (and my Uncle) Jack.

Jack moved to Windovers in the 1950s. In the 1970s he sold off Windover Cottage but in 2002 it came up for sale and we bought it.

Uncle Jack, who still lived at Windover Farm Cottage, popped round to our side almost every day for a coffee until he sadly died in 2006 (aged 87).

Jack was an interesting character and after moving to Windovers in the 1950's made virtually no improvements to the property. Subsequently when we bought Windover Farm Cottage there was no bathroom (just an outdoor privy) and no real kitchen - just a 'backhouse' with one very slow flowing cold water tap (the water was the colour of tea). His only means of heating was a solid fuel rayburn on which he boiled his water.

He had no television but enjoyed listening to one of his 2 radios (one tuned to 5 Live for sport and the other to Radio Devon for local news) or reading library books (delivered by the mobile library as he didn't drive). After his death we bought Windover Farm Cottage and 15 acres and restored it to the lovely holiday cottage you see today.